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Nano Rain Repellent Auto Glass Sealant

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Product Description

KFZ Glass Sealant is alcohol-base coating material based on chemical nano-technology, which produces an Easy2Clean effect on vehicle glass. The coating produces a thin film on surfaces, which reduces the adhesion of dust and foreign particles and makes the surface hydrophobic. Rain water will bead and run off easily ensuring clearer vision during rain. Coated surfaces are especially easy to clean.


Product Data

Thinning:                                  none

Coverage:                                approx. 10-25 ml. per m²

Curing/Drying:                          at least approx. 2-3 hours, better 24 hours

Processing Temperature:        +5°C to +25°C – protect from direct sunlight-

Handling:                                 see safety information brochure



Wearing of gloves is recommended as Nanonext Vehicle Glass Sealant withdraws moisture from the skin. Test application on an inconspicuous area or a sample surface. Do not apply at temperatures below +5°C.



The surface should be cleaned thoroughly of dirt, oil and grease deposits. Recommended is Nanonext Abrasive Cleaner. After, rinse well with water or polish cleaner out to remove surfactant and cleaner residues. Surfaces must be clean, dry and grease free before coating.



The coating occurs through rubbing-on or polishing-in with a cotton cloth moistened with Nanonext Vehicle Glass Sealant. Distribute the material sparingly and with circular movements onto the clean vehicle window. (You’ll need approx. 5-15 ml per m²)  Polish treated surface after application.


Proof of Effectiveness through Drop Test:

Water should pearl on the whole surface, but not create an even film.



The Easy2Clean effect occurs approx. 30 minutes after polishing. Should the temporary Easy2Clean effect diminish, it can be refreshed by repeating the processing instructions from the beginning.


Environmental Influences:

Coat smaller surface sections at temperatures above +25 °C. Do not use below +5 °C.


Cleaning of Coated Surfaces:

Because dirt, bacteria and lime don’t well adhere to the coating, no aggressive cleaners (extremely acidic, extremely alkaloid, scouring liquids) are necessary.  Clean surface with reduced pearling with a sponge and a mild cleanser (i.e. Nanonext Glass SC Cleaner or Universal Cleaner). The coating requires continued regular cleaning of the surface.


Note: Surfactants in the windshield washing system can cause streaking. Therefore should the system be completely emptied and re-filled before sealing the windshield.  A surfactant-free frost prevention agent can be added to the wash water. We recommend the Frost Protection Concentrate, which also has ideal cleaning powers.  Remove surfactant residues with water and a squeegee from the windshield after a car wash.



Storage and Shelf Life:             see safety information brochure, bottle or canister print

Storage Temperature:            +5°C to +25°Cprotect from direct sunlight and frost, store tightly sealed in original container



Important Information

The available Processing Instructions are based on extensive research, but don’t exempt the user from testing the product and application process for suitability for his specific purpose. We especially assume no liability regarding uses and applications not mentioned by us expressly in writing. The information and instructions of the safety information brochure are to be followed in every case.

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