Sunday, May 24, 2015
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Abrasive Cleaner

Nanonext Abrasive cleaner is Water based sanitary and glass cleaner with abrasive particles. The product is designed for pre-cleaning of glass and ceramic surfaces,stainless steel surfaces, motor vehicles, windscreens and cooking appliences etc.


It is also used as a pre-cleaner before coating nano sealants. Its super fine abrasive action  allows to clean dirt effectively without scratching the surface. It is  an enviornmentally friendly cleaning liquid with no harmful chemicals. 

The abrasive components of the cleaner loosens grease spots, stains and other contaminants from the surface.



  • Economical
  • Highly active cleaner
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Also ideal for normal cleaning
  • Ideal preparation for a nano sealant
  • can be optimized for household glass & ceramics , car glass etc
  • Removes limescale and dried in contaminants easily


Test application on an inconspicuous area or a sample surface. Sensitive surfaces, acrylic for example, can get scratched.

Apply the abrasive cleaner onto a damp household cloth or sponge. Clean the surface with circular motions. Following, rinse thoroughly with water to remove any cleaning residue. Glass surfaces can also be polished. Dry the surface well.

At temperatures above +30 °C, the material starts to dry quickly.

If surface is to be coated with Nano sealants, do not touch with fingers. Do not use the abrasive cleaner on acid sensitive materials, such as marble or other natural stone! Do not use with cleaners containing chlorine, because this can produce harmful vapors. If the abrasive cleaner comes in contact with eyes, immediately flush eyes thoroughly with water and consult a doctor if needed.

Environmental Influences:
At temperatures above +25 °C, clean small surface sections. Do not use below 3 °C.

Storage and Shelf Life:             See safety information brochure, bottle or canister print
Storage Temperature:             +5°C to +25°C - protect from direct sunlight and frost, store tightly sealed in original container

Product Data

Thinning: can be diluted up to 50% with water
Coverage Amount approx. 10-25 ml. per m² (undiluted)
Hardening/Drying: none
Processing Temperature: +5°C to +25°C – protect from direct sunlight
Handling: see safety information brochure